Sarena Mann Studios

about me

Sarena Mann — a sculptor for more than 30 years — became known professionally for her whimsical paper maché mobiles, which formed the stable of her crafts business, Air Craft. Currently, Sarena focuses predominantly on both figurative and abstract sculpture in the fine arts venue, seeking to exhibit more widely in fine arts galleries and museums.

Awards, Honors and Collections: New Mexico Arts and Crafts Festival, Creativity Award Girls Inc., Creativity Award “The Warehouse”, Yakima, WA Contemporary Arts Workshop, Scholarship, Chicago, IL Evanston Art Center, Scholarship, Evanston, IL Exxon Corporate Collection

Education: Art study via workshops, classes and studio presentations — CA, WA, NM and IL University of New Mexico, Sculpture Major — Albuquerque, NM Contemporary Art Workshop —Chicago, IL Ouzo School of Art, Apprenticeship—Chicago, IL